Everything You Need to Know About MDF Skirting

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21st April 2021

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Selecting the right design for your skirting can be pretty a difficult task these days due to the wide range of options available online and offline.

Selecting the material that you are going to use can be an even more difficult due to the fact that all materials be it MDF, HDF, or Pine, have advantages and disadvantages.

The experts at Skirting World use MDF for almost every skirting board that they manufacture but they get a lot of customers who ask them ‘what is MDF?’ MDF is a material created in 1925 in the US and is usually found in products like furniture or other products that used to be made out of wood.

MDF is made out of wood fibers collected from softwoods and hardwoods that have been decomposed. To make MDF, specialists use a lot of pressure and high temperatures as well as special resins and waxes. This process will bind these hardwood and softwood fibers together and to create the MDF sheets that will later be used to make skirting boards.

According to the specialists behind Skirting World, when customers ask whether or not they should go for MDF, the answer will almost always be yes (except for when they thing HDF is a better option). Here are some of the benefits of choosing MDF skirting from Skirting World:

  • MDF is a lot cheaper than almost any other type of material that skirting can be made of.
  • MDF is very durable and should last as long as the house it is used in will last.
  • The surface of MDF is very smooth making it very easy to apply paint. Not having to deal with the knots, holes, and imperfections that are found in Pine and other types of materials is great.
  • The MDF used at Skirting World is made entirely of softwood fibers that guarantee an ideal skirting board density.
  • Skirting World uses the densest type of MDF that the market has to offer.
  • Skirting World’s MDF is also moisture and water resistant which makes it suitable for any room.

However, if you are worried about moisture and are looking for something that is even more durable and perfectly fit for extra damp bathrooms and kitchens, then you should go for HDF. HDF skirting is perfect for areas that are washed often, as it will not soak any water and will not sweep like wood normally does.

Whether you are looking for skirting, window boards, door frames, or architraves, you will find both MDF and HDF options on the Skirting World Website. Do not hesitate to contact the Skirting World specialists if you have any questions.


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