The benefits of getting a tattoo

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15th August 2022

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We usually look at tattoos only from an artistic point of view. It’s true that each tattoo can be considered a piece of art that can last on a person’s body for a lifetime. Tattoos often tell stories; they hide profound meanings and are a form of expressing individuality. When people choose a tattoo, they think about how it will reflect their identity and how it will look on their bodies.
But there’s more to tattoos then meets the eye. We are so focused on looks and worried about health risks, but we completely ignore the fact that tattoos also have benefits. Some might be sceptical, but science has proved these benefits really exist and those passionate about tattoos also agree that there are numerous advantages to having tattoos.

Laser Tattoo Removal

There’s no denying that tattoos can help boost confidence and self-esteem. This doesn’t really come as a surprise since there are a lot of people out there who get tattoos as a form of therapy. The confidence you feel after getting a tattoo is not only given by the novelty factor. Sure, it’s nice to show off your new tattoo, just as it is when you get a new haircut. But this confidence also results from the sense of control you get over your own body.
People who have gone through a traumatizing experience, those who have recovered from an illness or who lost someone they loved also find solace in getting a tattoo. It serves as a reminder of the obstacles they’ve overcome and the strength they discovered within when they had to face a difficult situation.
The process of getting a tattoo is quite a unique experience. Most people fear the pain, but although it hurts when you get a tattoo, the pain makes your body release endorphins and adrenaline and the result is a euphoric feeling that will probably make you want to visit the tattoo shop again.
Scientists have discovered that multiple tattoos improve the immune system. Studies have shown that tattoos stimulate and strengthen the body’s immune response. This happens because when our immune system detects a foreign body – in this case, the tattoo ink – it fights back by sending antibodies to attack it. After a while, the human body will accept the ink, but in the meantime the immune system’s strength is increased by the effort to fight the invader. However, you get these positive effects only after getting multiple tattoos.
You might not believe it, but tattoos can actually increase your chances of finding a job. Although the stigma against tattoos in a workplace is still an issue, some recent studies have shown that for some job types, visible tattoos are an advantage. Companies who target a young clientele and want to be associated with an edgy image think that tattooed employees can help make their business relevant and attract more customers.
A tattoo can make you look good and feel good, so it’s a win-win situation.

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