Top tattoo trends in 2018

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3rd March 2021

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Throughout history tattoos have been a reflection of cultures and civilizations around the globe. Tattooing represents a form of art that is constantly changing. Not only the techniques are evolving but also people’s preferences are shifting and as a result we see trends coming and going.
If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo but you don’t know which style to choose and you need a bit of inspiration, here are the top tattoo trends of 2018 that hopefully will help you decide what you want:
Minimalist – less is more is what this tattoo trend is all about. Minimalist tattoos are often so small and delicate that you don’t even see them. If you’re not ready for a big tattoo commitment, these are great for newbies and will probably never go out of style. In the same category, we also include minimalist linear tattoos. It’s interesting how much some simple lines can express.
Geometric – another trend to look for this year is represented by the geometric pattern tattoos that are based on symmetry and balance. If you’re one of those people obsessed with clean shapes and find yourself constantly looking for perfection, this trend might suit you just fine. Whether you want to tattoo an animal, plants or zodiac signs on your body, everything can be transformed into a geometrical form.
Mandalas – closely related to geometrical tattoos, mandalas are just perfect if you love intricate designs that hold a powerful spiritual meaning. Mandalas have a special place among tattoos because they are considered to be sacred and therefore they are timeless.
Dotwork – since we’re talking about intricate details, this trend is yet another example of how little things can lead to impressive results. When using this technique, the images are created by a multitude of dots and nothing else. These tattoos are quite complicated and require plenty of patience from both the artist and the person who is getting the tattoo.
Plant stencil – all nature lovers and not only have a crush on plant stencil tattoos. The plants are dipped directly into the stencil ink, replacing the hand-drawn design and then the tattoos come to life along the stencil lines. Colour and shading are added to create the most realistic and natural looking plant tattoos you can imagine.
Watercolour – ideal for those who prefer something softer and artsy, watercolour tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be minimalist symbols combined with colours or accurate images filled with colourful splashes. It’s a very creative way of tattooing that allows the artist to use his imagination freely and you can be sure that you’ll get a one-of-a-kind tattoo.
Gemstones – apparently gems are a tattoo artist’s new best friend. With their 3D realistic effect, jewel tattoos are shining bright this year. Women who love their sparkly stones will fall head over heels with this sparkly trend.
It looks like 2018 is a game changer for tattoos, so this might be the perfect time to put some (more) ink on your skin.

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